RFP Issued for Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 Indoor Recreation

Brooklyn Bridge Park yesterday released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for “an operator to construct, operate, and maintain a seasonal indoor recreation structure on Pier 5. The structure will provide active recreation at the Park during the off-season and promote the use of Brooklyn Bridge Park during the winter months. The seasonal recreation structure will be approximately 200’ by 300’, containing one soccer field, situated in an east-west configuration. The structure will be open from December through March.”

Responses to the RFP must are due by 3 p.m. on Tuesday, September 27, 2011. BBP will spend up to $750,000 on construction costs, and will retain ownership of all capital improvements. The 5 acre Pier 5 is scheduled for completion in summer 2012, and will include 3 outdoor, artificial sports turf fields. In addition to the fields, Pier 5 will have a waterfront esplanade along its perimeter, as well as a “picnic peninsula” that will include banquet-length picnic tables, barbecues, a concession, and children’s play equipment. The pier is accessible from a pedestrian path at Joralemon Street, as well as the Park’s main greenway, and the concession structure will be prominently located and directly visible to visitors as they approach the Park from Pier 6 or from Joralemon Street.

RFP for Installation and Operations of a Seasonal Indoor Recreation Facility Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5 (PDF, large 6.6MB file)