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Stabber Alley Tag Part 1

Stabber Alley Tag Part 2

These photos by Josh Derr of Dumbo’s Stabber Alley (at the base of the Manhattan Bridge) got some new graffiti, Gothamist first reported. Stabber Alley got some recent fame when people competed for mayorship on Foursquare last year.

The complete tag reads “No tiene dinero pero tengo mi corazon…”, which according to Gothamist translates to “You have no money but I have heart…” which doesn’t apply to many of Dumbo’s residents, at least according to the latest census.

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  • This is graffiti, where a person paints something on a surface like a wall with paint.

  • Why is that called Stabber Alley?!  Are there more reasons than just the occasional bridge water drip to avoid it?

    Graffiti = Vandalism 

  • The alley was long the lair of one Jonas Stabber.  With the gentrification of DUMBO, Jonas moved south to live under a rock in Brooklyn Bridge Park.