Olga Guanabara Furniture and Art Studio Open in Dumbo Brooklyn

Olga Guanabara 63 Pearl Street

Olga Guanabara, a custom made furniture studio has opened in Dumbo Brooklyn. The furniture pieces are designed and built in the studio/glass workshop using reclaimed wood by Brazilian born co-owners Richard Velloso and Renato Yoshima. From the Olga Guanabara website, Olga is named for Richard’s chocolate lab dog, and Guanabara comes from the Tupi-Guarani language, goanã-pará,
from gwa “bay,” plus nã “similar to” and ba’ra “sea.” It’s also translated as “the bosom of sea.”

The studio is the former home of Jan Larsen Studios, and in the spirit of bringing creativity and art to the neighborhood, they plan on featuring artists and photography in their space as well. Welcome to Dumbo!

The following photos courtesy of Olga:

Olga Guanabara

Olga Guanabara

Olga Guanabara

[UPDATE: Daily Candy featured Olga Guanabara today.]

Olga Guanabara (olgaguanabara.com)
63 Pearl 215 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (Moved from Pearl to Plymouth Street)
tel: 718.522.7100

{Olga Maria Guanabara Replaces Jan Larsen Studios Space, 21Feb2011}