'Hole Sale' Event on Saturday at The Archway

It’s hard not to smile when you see fellow Dumbo resident and co-founder of Dumbo based WORKSHOP, Jessi Arrington and her rainbow loving ‘first ever stoop-sale, party, excuse-to-clean-out-your-closet-and-help-your-stuff-find-a-new-home, fundraiser, meet-your-neighbors, one-day-only spectacular inside the Manhattan Bridge Hole Sale.’ The Hole Sale event, which is a partnership with the DUMBO Improvement District, is named after the structure under the Manhattan Bridge, is being held under The Archway on Saturday, April 16, 2011 from 11am – 4:30pm.

This event is not just a stoop sale. There will be a marching band, music, cupcakes, photo ops, and of course second hand goods for sale. Jessi is getting rid of over 400 items from her very colorful wardrobe so others can enjoy some great second hand goods. You can also drop off donations to sell your stuff for a cause. Proceeds will benefit Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls scholarship fund.

For detailed information (and even some easter eggs), check out Jessi’s Hole Sale website at holesale.org.

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