Notice: Manhattan Bridge Cable Rehabilitation Project

Notice from NYC DOT Division of Bridges:
The Manhattan Bridge Rehabilitation Program continues with Contract No. 14, which will involve re-wrapping the four main cables, replacement of all 628 bridge suspenders, and replacement of the bridge’s necklace lighting. Contract No. 14’s anticipated completion date is June, 2013.

All work is planned in coordination with the Brooklyn Bridge Rehabilitation Program to minimize traffic and other disruptions as much as possible. Over spring 2011, the project is moving forward with:

  • Replacement of suspenders
  • Re-wrapping the main cable
  • Preventive maintenance

Bicycle and Pedestrian Detours in 2011
During Contract No. 14, access to the bridge will always be maintained for cyclists and pedestrians. However, some detours will be necessary in order to provide adequate worker protection, and the riding and walking public. Detours will be announced and marked in advance.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact me at (347) 325-1622 or at Thank you.

{The Spring 2011 newsletter (pdf 617kb}

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