Last Night's Lightning Strike in Dumbo

[UPDATE: Additional photos below.]

Aside from a little snow accumulation in Brooklyn yesterday, there was a hail storm around 7 or 8pm last night and a thunderbolt hit the top part of 37 Bridge Street and tore a hole through the bricks. 37 Bridge Street is a new residential development and looks close to being completed, according to Brownstoner.

Reader Christopher’s account:

We were sitting around listening to the hail/thunder storm pass through when BOOM FLASH it literally hits us. Security cameras went off, cable modem off, an exposed electrical box in the ceiling sparked (it wasn’t even attached to the electrical system!). A camera on the fire escape and a hub on the network, totally fried, but everything else seems to be fine. looked outside this morning to find a big mess at 37 Bridge on the Plymouth St side!

Good thing no one was near the top at the time. The photo below shows bricks from the damage on the street.

37 Bridge Street lightning damage

37 Bridge Street lightning damage

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