Crossing Dumbo: Video Portrait of John Ensor Parker (Episode 3)


Episode 3: John Ensor Parker (
Directed by Matt Weckel
Created by David Castillo
Produced by Blue Barn Pictures, Inc.

We love the scientific perspective of artist John Ensor Parker, who incorporates science into his artwork (he says science is half of what art is). He has degrees in Mechanical Engineering with minors in mathematics and physics, so he knows a lot about how they can be incorporated into the messages of his art. Watch this episode of Crossing Dumbo on how he does this.

Crossing Dumbo, a weekly web series of video portraits of artists, entrepreneurs and residents in Dumbo Brooklyn. This is a collaboration between DumboNYC and our talented friends over at Blue Barn Pictures. Different directors from Blue Barn Pictures, a creative content agency, bring their own approach to each interview to create a distinct profile of the person being interviewed and place them within the Dumbo community. The people at Blue Barn Pictures truly love what they do and support the community in a positive way, and for that we’re grateful to have them be a part of Dumbo.


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