Early Census Bureau for Dumbo Isn't Much of a Surprise


Curbed and Brooklyn Paper looked at some findings from the Census Bureau’s early returns, so we thought to look at more local data of Dumbo area’s sample data from the NY Times’ interactive map of American Community Survey (ACS) sample data averaged over the course of 2005-2009. Note this is not based on the actual data from the 2010 Census (to be released in 2011), but shows the increase in household income, education level, and home value over the 5 year period. Not surprising, Dumbo (or the Tract that includes Dumbo) has the highest median household income in Brooklyn, which is needed to afford the second highest median home value, and highest median monthly rent.

Other stats from the map for Tract 21, which is the area bound by Hudson Ave, York St, Old Fulton St, Waterfront (includes Dumbo, Vinegar Hill, and Fulton Ferry):

  • Households earning over $200,000: 35% (+15% change since 2000)
  • Median household income: $148,611 (+55% change since 2000)
  • Distribution of racial and ethnic groups: Whites 62%, Blacks 8%, Hispanics 12%, Asians 15%, other groups 2%
  • Median home value: $986,800 (+69% change since 2000)
  • Education levels: HS graduates 91%, Bachelor’s degree or higher 73%, Master’s degree or higher 31%

Highest Median Household income in Brooklyn (top 6):

  1. Tract 21 Dumbo – Area bound by Hudson Ave, York St, Old Fulton St, Waterfront ($148,611, 1,008 households)
  2. Tract 754 Midwood – Area bound by Avenue K, E. 27th St, E. 23rd St, Avenue M ($143,452, 444 households)
  3. Tract 752 Midwood – Area bound by Avenue I, E. 26th St, E. 22nd St, Avenue K ($132,713, 353 households)
  4. Tract 4 Bay Ridge – Area bound by Shore Road, Bay Ridge Parkway, Colonial Road, 79th St ($123,903, 475 households)
  5. Tract 301 Brooklyn Heights – Area bound by Pineapple St, Joralemon St, Hicks St, Furman St ($122,520, 2,469 households)
  6. Tract 151 Park Slope – Area bound by 9th St, 8th Ave, 13th St, 6th Ave ($118,295, 1,557 households)

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