Today's Groupon Deal: Ignazio's

For those who eat or take out from Ignazio’s Pizza, the Groupon deal of the day is $10 for $20 worth of pizza and drinks at Ignazio’s Pizza. According to the Groupon description:

Operated by Brooklyn native and culinary strategist Louis Termini, Ignazio’s boasts a varied menu of fine gourmet pizza. Customers can take cover under the overpass and chew on slices of pineapple and ham pizza ($25+) or Ignazio’s specialty, The Pizza, which makes a six-barreled salute through a careful selection of fresh mozzarella, Italian plum tomatoes, pecorino romano, basil, oregano, and olive oil ($16+). For dessert, dine on tortoni, an almond ice cream escalated by a toasted-nut topping ($4). Beverages in the form of beer, red and white wine, GuS soda, and sparkling water are available to ease the eats down. Because Ignazio’s maintains a universal cash-only policy, gracious guests can freely show off and dispense all 51 of the storied state quarters.
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4 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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