Jehovah's Witness Buildings Could Offset Brooklyn Bridge Park Costs



“The Jehovah’s Witnesses could answer the prayers of locals fighting to keep more high-rise condos out of Brooklyn Bridge Park,” according to a NY Post article. “During a closed-door session at Borough Hall yesterday, some civic leaders and elected officials discussed having the city revise the waterfront park’s project plan to include dozens of DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights properties that the religious group has put up for sale.” The Witnesses buildings, including the one pictured above borders Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 and other buildings could substitute for constructing high rise condos at John Street in Dumbo and at Pier 1 and 6. The Witnesses buildings, if converted could be lucrative for the city, given the prime waterfront locations, and can off-set the park’s anticipated $16.1 million annual maintenance costs. That’s of course if, they decide to sell and move out of Brooklyn, as previously reported.

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