201 Front Street Gets New Scaffolding

201 Front St

Installation of new scaffolding around the building at 201 Front Street (aka 195-203 Front Street, 208 Water Street) is going up. According to the Department of Buildings permit, issued on 9/30/2010, the job is for an “installation of a scaffold on existing sidewalk shed and in the courtyard approximately 56′-65′ high as per plans during exterior masonry repairs.”

As posted in July 2009 (including its building history), the plans are to convert existing building to residential use with accessory parking and retail store on the 1st floor. Another job permit on 9/2/2010 approved a new 18′ curb cut west of intersection of Water Street and Bridge Street (below photo), we’re assuming is related to the proposed parking. Anyone have any additional info on this project?

Bridge and Water Street

{NYC DOB record, 9/30/2010}
{NYC DOB record, 8/02/2010}