Washington Street Construction (Sept Update)

Washington Street construction

As mentioned in August, Washington Street a new sewer was being installed as part of the overall renovation project in Dumbo. Since it’s been 5 weeks since work on Washington Street began, we contacted the Community Construction Liaison who provided this update:

“The contractor has completed the installation of the sewer on Washington Street almost to York street and is in progress backfilling the street. The contractor still has to tie in the sewer across York Street, which will start tomorrow. I don’t know exactly how long that will take, there is a lot of traffic through that intersection…Because of some unforeseen field conditions, this work has taken longer than was anticipated. Estimated completion time now looks like around the 15th of October if no more unforeseen field condition arise. I will keep you posted if there are any changes. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Meanwhile, the excavation and installation of the new 15″ sewer and 36″ trunk water main on Water Street between Main Street and Washington Street is ongoing. The September/October 2010 Reconstruction Newsletter can be downloaded here (pdf file).

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