DinDins Food Starts Delivery to Dumbo

DinDins Food, an all-natural and organic food delivery service for your toddler announced on their Twitter account, @DinDinsFood, that they have started service to Dumbo. Per their website:

Wasn’t it so easy when your child ate baby food? Don’t you wish there was quick, healthy, organic and all-natural toddler food that you could serve your child?

Rather than resorting to chicken nuggets or veggie burgers again, DinDins provides nutritious, kid-friendly, convenient meals for your toddler. With all the food groups incorporated in one meal, you don’t need to worry about serving a protein, starch and vegetable. No more trying to sneak vegetables into brownies. It’s just serving the foods you want in a way your toddler will love them.

DinDins meals are organic, all-natural and homemade prepared with only the freshest ingredients from recipes devised by a nutritionist and cook. There are no preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients. Because our foods do not contain additives, they come fresh, and are freezer stable for 3 weeks. And, they will be delivered right to your door. No hassles with grocery shopping, cooking nor making dinner in time for your toddler to eat it.

At only $2 – $3 per meal, you can’t go wrong!

For DumboNYC readers and Dumbo residents, they are offering a discount of $10 off your first order. Go to dindinsfood.com and use code WELCOMEDUMBO at checkout; good from now until the end of July.

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