Dumbo Gymnastics for Kids Opening in Dumbo

A new gymnastics program opening in June will offer gymnastics and tumbling classes for kids ages 1-12 in Dumbo Brooklyn (68 Jay Street building). The DUMBO Gymnastics facilities features a spring gymnastics floor, junior-sized apparatus such as beam and rings, and a 20 foot long trampoline. The gym is run by owner Elizabeth Wolfe, a safety-certified Professional Member of USA Gymnastics, the national governing body of gymnastics in the United States. A former competitive gymnast, Elizabeth has seven years of experience coaching preschool, recreational and competitive gymnastics.

DUMBO Gymnastics will offer classes for various age groups and the summer schedule starts in June. In addition, Dumbo Gymnastics will run “Friday Fun Nights” from 6:00pm-10:00pm on Fridays, featuring gymnastics fun, pizza and a movie.

Here’s what Elizabeth has to say about how kids benefit from the classes:

“In each class, DUMBO Gymnastics will provide individualized, personal gymnastics instruction of the highest quality in a safe and fun environment. Instructors will encourage each participant to aim for his or her personal best while developing the strength, fitness, and flexibility that is the foundation for more advanced gymnastics skills and also for strong performance in other sports. In addition to these physical benefits, DUMBO Gymnastics will introduce its younger students to important social and cognitive skills such as taking turns, interacting with peers, patience, listening and following directions, focusing on a short task or activity, and respecting others, skills that ease the transition into school settings. Older students will learn teamwork, determination and perseverance as they work to master more difficult and complex movements. All students gain poise and confidence as they successfully perform new movements and skills.”

We’re sure new parents will appreciate having a gymnastics program for kids in the neighborhood. Welcome to DUMBO Gymnastics! For more information, go to www.dumbogymnastics.com, email info@dumbogymnastics.com or call DUMBO Gymnastics at 718-222-1012.

DUMBO Gymnastics
68 Jay Street, Suite 509, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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