WSJ Introduces Dumbo to Madison Ave

At some point in 2009, the digital media agencies and tech companies of Dumbo realized that there are too many great products and services shifting the digital advertising and media industry concentrated in one area to ignore eachother. So in January 2009, an event, called Digital Dumbo was started to get the talent together to meet and discuss tech topics. I’ve met with several of these companies since then and chatted about projects and connected a few companies to do business together. (As a tech executive myself, I’ve hired a few of these businesses to help with some projects). Since then, a few of Dumbo’s digital community have formed a group to promote the businesses and announced Dumbo as home to New York’s Digital District (follow them on Twitter @nydd or And now the Wall Street Journal featured Dumbo today announcing the area as the new Madison Avenue.

Ironic how traditional print media is elevating digital companies, but they’re also realizing that NYDD can’t be ignored. Yes, these guys are for real. The 10, 20, 30 person ‘digital shops’ are more nimble and can focus on their expertise (social media, web dev, communication, mobile/smartphone development, SEO, augmented reality, etc), rather than being a generalist. Mike Germano, president and co-founder of Carrot Creative, Michael Lebowitz, Big Spaceship‘s chief executive, and David Skokna, founder of Huge were quoted in the article. Matt Van Hoven of Agencyspy said it best– this “essentially means that everyone working at one of those places can now expect a call from some CMO somewhere. Well done, boys and girls.”

BTW, join us for next week’s Digital Dumbo. We’re sponsoring the event with The JAR Group and starting a donation program as a way to give back to local non-profits. Info and RSVP here.

(Image courtesy of Colin Murphy. Thanks Colin!)

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