Pedro's Outdoor Patio is Back

Remember last summer when Pedro’s patio was shut down by the city for not having the proper permits? A disgruntled resident (assuming) sent the city an anonymous tip that Pedro’s was selling alcohol on the sidewalk without a permit. After almost a year later, and “thousands of dollars” spent, Pedro has it’s permit and their outdoor seating is now open. As per the post by Brian Abrams, “this is good news, of course, for the Dumbo drunks to, once more, have an actual place to swig back Tecate without having to resort to the four other boozy haunts, all of which are unintentionally cavernous and without a fixture you wouldn’t want to fuck with named Rosie.”

Pedro’s Bar Restaurant
73 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
718-797-2851 (Free delivery; Click for their menu.)

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