Five Boro Bike Tour 2010

Five Boro Bike Tour 2010

5 Boro Bike Tour goes through Dumbo on Sunday 10a-2pm (5/2/2010). As in prior years, 30,000 cyclists will be coming through Dumbo for the 42 mile TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour.

On Sunday, the following streets near Dumbo Brooklyn will be closed intermittently to motorists from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM for the Five Boro Bike Tour:

  • Navy Street from North Elliot Street to Gold Street
  • Gold Street from York Street to Front Street
  • Front Street from Gold Street to Old Fulton Street (Cadman Plaza)
  • Old Fulton Street (Cadman Plaza) from Front Street to Furman Street
  • Furman Street from Old Fulton Street to Atlantic Avenue

If you are parked on any of the streets above, your car will likely be towed to clear the streets. For more information:
Bike New York

Please use caution along the route.

2010 Five Boro Bike Tour through Dumbo

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