2009 Subway Ridership in Dumbo Area Stations

A NY Times article mapped the NYC Transit station-by-station ridership in 2009. Some areas of NYC went down in ridership, such as Midtown, “which has lost tens of thousands of jobs since 2008, dropped at more than twice the rate of the system as a whole…In all, the system had 1.58 billion rides last year, officials said, a decline of 2.7 percent from 2008.” So how did the Dumbo-area subway stations do in 2009? York Street (F) station increased ridership by 3.2% and High Street (A, C) decreased slightly by 1.8%:

  • High Street (A, C) – Avg daily riders, 2009: 5,173. Percent change, 2008-2009: -1.4%
  • York Street (F) – Avg daily riders, 2009: 5,243. Percent change, 2008-2009: +3.2%
  • Clark Street (2, 3) – Avg daily riders, 2009: 4,674. Percent change, 2008-2009: +4.8%

For other stations, check out the NY Times interactive map of the subway ridership.