Business Spotlight: Blue Phoenix Acupuncture

Daniel Bernstein, founded Blue Phoenix Acupuncture with the intent of helping people improve their quality of life after finding that alternative medicine and acupuncture helped him recover from a bronchial issue. He is a licensed acupuncturist since 1995, and has trained in hospital settings and in the Acupuncture Detoxification protocol at the Lincoln Hospital, where it was established. Mr. Bernstein, a Dumbo resident, also has a Dumbo office with clients in the neighborhood. We’ve heard only positive feedback from neighbors who are clients of his, so we interviewed him.

Tell us about what you do and your practice philosophies.
As an acupuncturist for 15 years, I’ve learned that one of the most important things I can do as a practitioner is to listen to what my clients are telling me. This is especially true since I am also a certified hypnotist. That pairing of modalities isn’t as odd as it might sound at first; they simply approach healing from different angles. Acupuncture uses energetics to affect change on deep levels, whereas hypnosis accesses the wonderful inner resource known as the unconscious to create shifts. Using both for a condition often accelerates the rate of healing pretty dramatically. Some of my specialties include pain and stress management, weight control, GI issues and anxiety and infertility, among many other conditions. What resonates with many of my clients is the shifts they see in themselves after treatment, without having resorted to medication or surgery in order to get there.

You have offices in both Manhattan and Dumbo. How long have you been in Dumbo and what do you like/dislike about the neighborhood?
I’m a relative newcomer to Dumbo, since I moved here in September of 2007. I love it here, with its cobblestones, its bridges, the park, and the funky yet adult feel it has. As someone who lived in Soho from 1975 to 1992, I can tell you the two share many similarities. Maybe I simply like places that feel less than completely residential, or else I’m attracted to creative undercurrents. This place certainly has those in spades. I just hope Dumbo doesn’t turn commercial the way Soho has.

My Dumbo office, on Water past Bridge, is a spacious second bedroom that I transformed into a work space. What my clients love about it is that it’s quieter than any place you could find in NYC.

What else should clients in Brooklyn know about what to expect?
As a member of this community, I’m happy to give your readers a 20% discount, whether they visit me in Dumbo or at my Manhattan office. For more information, they can log on to, or, starting in early May, at They can also email me at or call 212-777-7191. And thank you Hide, for the interview.

Thanks Daniel for the interview and the discount offer for readers! Some residents do need acupuncture and alternate treatments so glad you’re Dumbo. Call/email Daniel to find out more or to make an appointment, and be sure to mention you saw him on DumboNYC.