Art Show: Resonance at Rabbitholestudio

Resonance is a group show of 10 emerging artists, which will run from April 1st – 26th at the Rabbitholestudio Gallery, 33 Washington St. in Dumbo.

The opening reception will be today, Thursday, April 1st, from 5-9pm. Beer will be provided care of Pabst Blue Ribbon. There will be a DJ from 7-9pm.

RABBITHOLESTUDIO is pleased to present “Resonance,” a group exhibition featuring the work of ten emerging artists, from Brooklyn and across the country. This exhibition considers the significance of the word “resonance,” its diverse meanings across disparate fields and within different contexts, and then focuses on its implications to the visual arts and painting.

The exhibition features work by Firelei Baez, Brendan Carroll, Xuan Chen, Andrew Graham, Linling Lu, Julie Oppermann, Devin Powers, Camilo Sanin, Elisa Soliven, and Marela Zacarias.

The show was curated by Julie Oppermann, whose large-scale Moiré paintings, featured in the show, provided the inspiration for the theme.

The exhibition proposes that the term “resonance” connotes discrete energies, vibrations, ideas, or concepts, which are made stronger via their interaction and overlap with one another. Through this agenda, each work in the show represents a permutation and interpretation of a common theme. Centering in on the concept of resonance, and the medium of painting, each artist explores what this means in terms of their own work. Thus, when the works are all brought together for the exhibition, the ideas, questions, thoughts and concepts generate a dialogue that reverberates back and forth between the paintings, growing stronger and louder and finding meaning through the interaction.