Jane's Carousel To Be in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge

(Brooklyn Bridge Park – The plan is to have Jane’s Carousel be on western shore of the park’s cove in front of the Tobacco Warehouse.)

According to officials at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation and an article in the NY Post today, Jane’s Carousel will officially be part of the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront development. NY Post states:

“The directors of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation approved David and Jane Walentases’ gift of the so-called “Jane’s Carousel” and $3.45 million to landscape and operate it past the park’s closing time — and agreed to house it in a pavilion designed by French architect Jean Nouvel.”

Officials note that in addition to the restored 1922 carousel, the Walentases are also donating $3.45 million for improvements to the $350 million park, which include lighting and landscaping so that the carousel hours can be extended past the park’s closing time. If the park will have some food concessions, maybe the Shake Shack empire should open a location here.

The design of the carousel pavilion has not yet been revealed, but Jane’s vision is for a glass one; perhaps similar to the Greenport Village one pictured below.

[UPDATE: 12/21/2009: We emailed Jane for a statement about the carousel, and this is what she stated:

The Carousel is to be located near the “point” of the existing boardwalk. It is the exact site that was originally proposed in the early site plan by Ben Thompson Assoc. & Beyer Blinder Belle in 1984.

I know and have visited the building in Greenport. The Pavilion that Jean Nouvel is designing bears absolutely no resemblance to that building. It is an extraordinarily simple & elegant design that has received only raves from those who have seen it. I imagine the design will be released fairly soon.

Thanks Jane for the update.]

Greenport Carousel

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