Water and Washington Street Reconstruction Project Update

Washington Street

Washington Street

Water Street

The Dumbo Improvement District (BID) has emailed a thorough update on the street reconstruction project on Water Street from Adams Street to Old Fulton Street and Washington Street from York Street to Plymouth Street. We took the above photos to document the process.

While the street work is being done, the Belgian blocks are being taken away and being stored in a secure location until they are reinstalled in the roadbed. The BID has been very involved with monitoring and ensuring the work is being done according to plans.

After the jump, read the New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC) and Dumbo Improvement District’s report on the work in progress, work completed, and what’s coming ahead in 2010. The project commenced in the Summer of 2009 and is scheduled to be completed in the Summer of 2011.

Information about the project can be found on the NYC.gov DDC site: (PDF download)

{Belgian Block Reconstruction to Begin, 04May2009}

Installation of:

  • 18″combined sewer on Washington Street between Water Street and Plymouth Street.
  • 18 new catch basins, new valves and hydrants on:
    • Water Street from Old Fulton to Main Street
    • Old Fulton Street from Front Street to Furman Street

Removal of:

  • Belgian blocks from Water Street between Old Fulton Street to Main Street.

Installation of the 12″distribution water main on:

  • Water Street from Old Fulton to Main Street
  • Old Fulton Street from Front Street to Furman Street


  • Continue installation of the 18″ combined sewer
  • Commence installation of the 36″ trunk water main at Furman Street and Old Dock Street

There are many improvement slated as part of this project which will help to preserve the character of the neighborhood, including:

  • Resetting the old trolley tracks on Water Street at Adams Street
  • Installation of new granite curbs and pigmented sidewalks
  • Restoration of Belgian block roadways

During the course of the project there will be service interruptions. To allow water replacement, the existing water service must be shut off by closing the valves at either end of the section to be worked on. Advance notice will be given for all planned interruptions. Water service will be restored at the end of the day. Residents are advised to fill sinks and containers for essential water needs during the shutdown. When the water is turned on again it may be discolored. This is due to mineral sediments that are stirred up by the shut down. The discoloration is not hazardous and will clear up if the cold water is allowed to run for a while.

You are advised to inform the DDC or the Contractor of any property damage that you may have, and if the contractor fails to respond within 10 days, you should inform the DDC Borough Director in writing. If you intend to file a claim you must do so within 90 days of the occurence with the New York City’s Comptrollers Office.

Please let the Community Construction Liaison know if there is anyone in your household or building who has special needs (dialysis, wheelchair user, etc.) so that we can coordinate our construction activities.

For additional information
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