Application for Cabaret License at One Front

(Photo by wallyg)

From The Fulton Ferry Landing Association website, the owners of One Front Restaurant (previously Toro) are seeking a cabaret license for their 314 person capacity establishment:

“A cabaret license is issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs, and is distinct from an on-premises liquor license in that it allows for patron dancing in connection with the selling of food and drink. Most such licenses are used for nightclubs; a catering establishment license (identical except with less restrictive rules and lower fees) is usually applied for by a space which is used for functions or events to which the public is not invited or admitted, such as weddings and the like.”

The Fulton Ferry Landing Association’s position is that except for grandfathered spaces, “areas that were previously as of right, such as Tribeca, Soho and the Flatiron district, were thereupon judged to be off-limits to cabarets, as reported in a Village Voice article. So in the same vein, Fulton Ferry, which along with Dumbo has become increasingly residential, should not be the place for a cabaret either,” and is “out of character for our small neighborhood.” There is a public presentation at Community Board 2 tomorrow, Wednesday, November 4, 2009. If you are concerned with this license, please make your opinions known.

WHEN: WED, NOV 4th, 6:30pm
121 DEKALB AVE. (this is close to a subway stop)

What do you think of a nightclub at 1 Front Street?

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