Taiwanese Cravings Truck Visits Dumbo Today

(Photo credit MidtownLunch)

In the summer of food trucks, in NYC, Dumbo has seen its fair share of them, which is great for lunchers in the area. Today, NYC Cravings (aka NYC Cravings Truck) will be in Dumbo for lunch. They draw big crowds in midtown for their Taiwanese style fried chicken, pork chop, or mix over rice with their famous secret sauce. They also serve dumplings. Midtown Lunch calls their chicken ‘spot on’ and their favorite truck. Follow them on Twitter for the location (@nyccravings). They are on Washington and Front Street York and Front Street. Let us know your reviews in the comments.

(Photo credit MidtownLunch)

{Midtown Lunch on NYC Cravings}
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