Filming: Step Up 3D (6/30) & The Resident (7/1)

Filming: The Resident (July 1, 2009)

Walt Disney Pictures will be filming for “Step Up 3D” on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 between 5am and 11pm. (Variety article). This will be the third film in the series following box office hits, “Step Up” and “Step Up 2 The Streets” and is set for an August 2010 release.

Filming locations:

  • Both sides of Water Street (New Dock St/Main St)
  • East side of Old Dock St (Water St/Front St)
  • South side of Front St (Old Dock St/Main St)
  • North side of York St (Washington St/Front St)
  • Both sides of New Dock St (Water St/East River)

Also being filmed tomorrow (July 1, 2009) is “The Resident” (IMBD info), starring Christopher Lee, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Hilary Swank. This thriller is about a young doctor (Hillary Swank as Dr. Juliet Dermer) who suspects she may not be alone in her new Brooklyn loft and learns that her landlord has formed a frightening obsession with her.

If anyone gets any filming shots, please email to us!

{Filming: Step Up 3D (Wed May 20, 2009)}
{Filming: Step Up 3D (Mon/Tue, June 8-9 2009)}

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