Carbon Monoxide Forcing Out Some Residents at 133 Water Street

After the owners of 133 Water Street building filed for bankruptcy in February, there have been some unfortunate turn of events that is causing residents some concern for them and their neighbors. First the bankruptcy occurred, then the building owners stopped paying the super, who was forced to quit until residents brought him back, then the doorman stopped showing for a few days (though that may be a coincidence), and finally tenants in the building have reported serious carbon monoxide (CO) issues without any management response. The super was partially paid by the owners after he sent a letter to all residents stating why he was no longer working. A resident started a blog to discuss these issues at, with lots of discussions about the building issues.

There have been several tenants who have moved out due to the potential health issues and others have stopped paying rent until management addresses their concerns.

A few residents have moved out due to extremely high levels of CO on the 9th floor and the 12th floor (see above photo). Multiple 911 and FDNY calls and CO meter readings have showed levels as high as 1000 PPM near the balcony (next to the chimney of the building next door) and levels in the apartment reaching 189 ppm, deadly levels. At sustained CO concentrations above 150 to 200 ppm, disorientation, unconsciousness, and death are possible (Wikipedia reference.) The FDNY called the DOB, who issued violations to both buildings and shut down the boiler next door. However that doesn’t stop the building from turning it back on. In the meantime, the building management accused residents of causing unnecessary drama, according to residents.

It’s a shame that the owner of 133 Water Street building as well as the adjoining building is not taking responsibility for the safety of residents who are directly affected by the CO caused by the chimney. Our concern is for the safety of the children in the building and the residents. We hope that the building management will address this asap.

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