More Jabs at Dock St Opposition by Media

A Saturday NY Post OpEd piece about Dock Street Dumbo is accusing David Yassky, Tony Avella and Bill DeBlasio of being conned by supposed bogus claims by opposition that “the building could prevent police from responding to a terrorist attack on the bridge. At a public hearing, one speaker asserted that pregnant women in the apartments or at the school would risk premature birth by inhaling fumes from traffic on “major roads” around it.” The Post also takes a direct jab at a NY Times article (which we referenced a few weeks ago) that said that the story was so biased against Dock Street Dumbo that “it might have been edited by the cranky opposition.” The NY Times published another indirect (or rather direct) jab at Two Trees regarding the League Treatment Center lease in another Two Trees building last week. The NY Post writes:

Among the laughters: The Times said the project would be “nine stories higher than the Brooklyn Bridge” – when the bridge is 100 feet taller. It termed DUMBO “a former artists’ community . . . that has lost much of its cheaper housing in recent years” – an odd way to describe a neighborhood that barely existed until Two Trees created 600-plus apartments there. And the Times gave its foes the first and last word. The story opened with “many residents” claiming the project is a “Faustian bargain” and ended with a local mother declaring, “People need to stand up for the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Of course, what New Yorkers really need to stand up for is sanity. Let’s hope the City Council knows the difference.

This comes after Brooklyn Paper came out to support the Dock St Dumbo project in an editorial two weeks ago. Who knows what discussions are happening in the newsrooms of the papers, but we’re sure there will be more public accusations, campaigns, and blasts in the coming weeks.

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