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133 Water Street

The Wellness Lounge, a new mind and body boutique and holistic health center opened at the beginning of December 2008 at 133 Water Street in Dumbo. We interviewed the owner, Dr. Yelena Kozlyansky, who is a chiropractor and a licensed massage therapist and has been practicing for over 10 years.

What does the Wellness Lounge offer?

My goal is to provide a facility where the community can go to for all their wellness needs. It can be confusing when a person is faced with a health concern or wants to change their lifestyle to enhance overall well being. Often, people don’t know where to start, they may go to a health food store and buy vitamins, but how do you really know what your body needs? More people are choosing alternative health care physicians rather than allopathic ones. There is definitely a paradigm shift toward prevention of disease and maintenance of the body. My goal is to be Dumbo’s source for wellness. If you need vitamins, let us do a computerized health analysis before you waste money on vitamins that your body cannot digest. We have technology that does galvanic response testing which measures what organs are in distress, what vitamins and nutrients can heal you, and what foods/supplements stress your body. It’s amazing! We carry the best organic and bio available supplements in the world. We will custom tailor a nutritional plan that suits each individual. We also provide care of the body for pain relief or for relaxation such as Chiropractic, massage, Physical Therapy, cold laser therapy and Acupuncture. When you combine nutrition with body work, the results are phenomenal…more energy, look better, stabilizes mood, balance hormones, lose weight, decrease pain and add years to life.

What do you like about Dumbo? Who are your clients?

I chose Dumbo because it has a new and young energy. It has momentum. It’s exciting to be part of a growing and thriving community. The people seem vibrant, educated, modern and with an edge. My ideal client is someone who thinks outside of the box, wants to work on themselves and is looking for newest anti-aging products, cutting edge technology and a tranquil healing environment.

How did you come about selecting the 133 Water St location?

I personally don’t live in Dumbo, but have friends in the area and love it there. I live close by in Cobble Hill. My close friend and real estate broker from Apts and, Yuri Vatel found the spot for me. I think I got it for fair market value, since I’m a little bit off the beaten path on Water St. I am very excited to share my passion and expertise with the neighborhood!

Thank you Doctor and welcome to Dumbo!

The Wellness Lounge is offering a December 2008 special for DumboNYC readers:

  • Quick Fix $50.00 – What’s Hurting? Pick a Joint – Any Joint; Come on in and bring any one achy joint; whether it’s computer neck, tight shoulder, ouchy ankle – any joint at all and we will make it dramatically better using the latest technology, cold laser to activate healing and reduce swelling, joint mobilization to increase range of motion, and muscle work to set it right. (Regularly $75.00)
  • Shiny and New $50.00 – Fifteen minutes is all it takes to reduce fine lines, firm and tighten skin, and increases collagen production. Walk out with a healthy, fresh glow to your face using the latest in skin care technology and Dr. Hauschka organic skin care products. (Regularly $75.00)
  • Computerized Nutritional Assessment (Complimentary) The Zyto uses galvanic skin response technology to assess nutritional deficiencies and organ stress. Based on your results we can create a custom tailored nutrition profile for you. It will let you know about any hidden allergies that you may have. (Regularly $50.00) DOUBLE BONUS: 10% off all Nutriceuticals purchased after the complimentary assessment.

Other services include chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, weight loss plans, nutrition, skin and body care, anti-aging products, and aroma therapy. For more information, please contact The Wellness Lounge at 718-875-1514.

The Wellness Lounge (
133 Water Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
Phone: (718) 875-1514
Fax: (718) 504-7630

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