Dumbo Based Waterfront Media Merge with Revolution Health

(stats from Waterfront Media)

Online health company, Waterfront Media (45 Main Street), announced that it will merge with Revolution Health, the Internet health company founded by AOL co-founder Steve Case. According to NY Times, the deal is valued at $300 million and would give the combined companies enough traffic in the United States to compete with WebMD, now the market leader in the online health category. The combined company will integrate Waterfront’s Everyday Health Network with RevolutionHealth.com. The combined properties attract 26.4 million unique users. We’re glad to report that Waterfront Media will remain headquartered in Brooklyn. Waterfront Media CEO and co-founder Benjamin Wolin will remain CEO of the new company, which will retain the name Waterfront Media. Case, the chairman and CEO of Revolution, will join the company’s board of directors.

With the likes of Waterfront Media, Wireless Generation, outside.in, TuneCore, HUGE, Mammoth, and the many other internet based and media businesses in Dumbo, we’re glad to see Dumbo, the new Silicon Alley grow.

{Two Online Health Site Operators to Announce a Merger, 02Oct2008, NY Times}