Telectroscope Coming With Brooklyn Bridge Celebrations

As part of the Brooklyn Bridge 125th anniversary party, the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership has recently been working with Artichoke, a British company that puts on extraordinary events in public spaces to bring a public art event to Brooklyn. In 2006, Artichoke mounted The Sultan’s Elephant, the largest piece of free theater ever seen in London, which closed the streets to traffic and attracted an audience thought to be over a million people strong over four days.

Artichoke’s latest project – slated to premier simultaneously in Brooklyn and London – is inspired by Victorian dreamers: people who imagined the impossible, from suspension bridges to metal steamships, from canals through the countryside to viaducts through mountain ranges. Artichoke is now collaborating with the artist Paul St George to create a pair of telectroscopes that will be open to the public here and in London, providing an extraordinary window across the world.

Event:Telectroscope: The London-Brooklyn Connection
Artist: Paul St. George, presented by Artichoke with the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership
Dates: May 22 – June 20, 2008
Location: Fulton Ferry Landing, Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn. Near the Brooklyn Bridge.
Contact: Katie Dixon, 718-403-1600,

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