Superbowl 2008 in Dumbo

1) Water Street Restaurant and Lounge (66 Water Street)

“Bars on two levels handing out $3 Draft Beers, 2 for 1 Cheeseburger Special ($12 gets you two half-pounders with fries or salad) and 25 cent wings (sold in orders of 10).”

2) Rebar (147 Front Street)

Superbown at the Low Rider – Doors at 4pm with giveaways and a free buffet.

3) Superfine (126 Front Street)

Sunday Super Brunch Madness
Tickets: FREE!!
11:30am-12:45pm – Sufferin’ Succotash (2 Sets!)
2:00pm-3:45pm – Blue Harvest (2 Sets!)
4:00pm – Homegrown String Band
5:00pm – Free Grass Untion
6:00pm – Alicia Jo Rabins and the Halo Boys

Sponsored by Brooklyn Country Music.
Citysearch: Superfine