Dumbo Turning Greener


You may have noticed those green and blue recycle bins around Dumbo installed late last week. They are part of Dumbo Improvement District’s neighborhood sustainability program called Smart Environmental Efforts in DUMBO (SEED). Included in the initiatives are the installation of bicycle racks (below) to encourage alternative modes of transportation. The DID planted 52 trees in Dumbo last year, so the SEED program continues the ‘greening’ of Dumbo. From their most recent newsletter:

“This spring, the Dumbo Improvement District plans to formally launch a neighborhood sustainability program: Smart Environmental Efforts in DUMBO (SEED). The program is meant to demonstrate the ease of environmental action on the most local level. SEED was built on a foundation of five initiatives that encourage: public recycling, alternative modes of transportation, consumption reduction, greater energy efficiency and environmental education.

The Improvement District is looking for DUMBO stakeholders to join SEED’s steering committee. Please email jane@dumbonyc.org if you are interested in working with us to help DUMBO go green.”

bike rack

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