5 Story Extension Planned For 10 Jay Street

10 Jay Street

According to the NYC DOB records, a stop work order has been placed on 10 Jay Street on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 for “failure to safe guard/no protection at glass window in penthouse / area has glass windows below.” There was a job filing, and a subsequent permit issued on January 14, 2008 for a five story addition to the 9 story building, but there was a complaint of “falling debris” from the roof. The building is currently an office building with studio/work space and a rumored conversion to residential property as long as the manufacturing zoning is changed to allow for residential use. Previously, Brownstoner reported that cabanas may be built on top of 10 Jay Street, but according to recent filings, the developer was preparing for the floor extensions.

The 1897 landmarked building was built on landfill and was originally an Arbuckle Brothers coffee building and later became a sugar refinery factory. Between 2001 and 2004, Lunatarium held parties and raves on the top floor of this warehouse venue in the 18,000 sq ft space with 30 ft. high ceilings. (Photo below).

 (Photo from Lunatarium Party photos by Kirk Peterkin)

Because the land surrounding 10 Jay is so close to the water, the area surrounding the building is prone to flooding.

10 Jay flooding
(Thanks to Fred for this photo from his studio at 10 Jay – Jan 11, 2008). Anyone know what the top floor space is used for now?

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