Dumbo's New/Old Identity

Water Street - Old vs New buildings

The NY Times article on Christmas Day quotes a few of the old-timers and new comers in Dumbo. The newcomers are attracted to the new Dumbo Historic District‘s lofts and new amenities of the neighborhood. The old-timers lament the days when their workshops and studios were a place for their art and creativity and did not have to worry about things such as parking or traffic. Like it or not, both old and new make the neighborhood what it is. New businesses and services have opened in the past few years. Businesses that have been in Dumbo for a while now cater to both.

The article did mention that the name Dumbo was coined by the artist pioneers in 1978 from a prior DumboNYC article about how Dumbo got its name. No credit or reference was given to DumboNYC, but that’s ok, I’ll give credit to writer Anne Barnard. Most publications are too lazy to do their research and assume that real estate developers coined the name. And for the new comers, glad to hear that you’re supporting your local neighborhood businesses. There are a few great places you can get your coffee other than Starbucks in Dumbo.

{District Trying to Forge a New Identity, NY Times, 25Dec2007}