Opening of The Veiled Monologues / at St. Ann's

Dutch director Adelheid Roosen’s The Veiled Monologues and Is.Man, two compassionate plays (with music and film) about Muslim women living in the West and Muslim men who have been convicted of honor killings. From Susan Feldman, Artistic Director at St. Ann’s: …”And we decided we needed to do them — in English! – both of them! Because our world needs to see and hear what Adelheid saw, to get swept up by the whirl and the wind to get a better understanding, through compassionate eyes, of our complicated world. Come see these plays.”

Two New Plays written and directed by ADELHEID ROOSEN
English Language and American Premieres
Performed In Repertory | OCT 5 – OCT 14

The Veiled Monologues:

Performed across Europe, the Middle East, and before the Dutch Parliament, The Veiled Monologues is a vital, surprising, and poetic portrait of love and relationships under Islam. Created from the collected testimonies of women born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Somalia, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq – this production has been praised as, “…an hour and a half of stories and music…ending in ovations and a sense of happiness.” (De Groene Amsterdammer)

Is.Man unveils the secretive world and complex motivations that underlie the tradition of honor killings in some Muslim societies. Based on her interviews with men convicted of the crime in Holland, Roosen has created “a gripping story” (De Telegraaf) about three generations of men struggling with namus, a family’s honor in relation to the sexual integrity of its women, while living in a contemporary society. This compassionate play both startles and surprises. It will “destroy your hearts as the night progresses [and] …leave you shivering from head to toe.” (De Groene Amsterdammer)

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