Dumbo Then and Now: 67-73 Jay Street

 1927 [+ enlarge]

 July 22, 2007 [+ enlarge]

Continuing the series of “Dumbo Streetscapes Then and Now”, we are looking at a 1927 photo of the corner of Front and Jay Street. In the 80 year old photo, by photographer, Percy Loomis Sperr, the rowhouses on Jay Street no longer exist. There used to be five three-story rowhouses and one larger six-story building on this block. The five row-houses have since been demolished and replaced with various storefronts and gallery space. The north side of Jay Street has four buildings:

  • 73 Jay St. – Formerly a Lipton Tea cafe and The Jay Restaurant (as seen in the old photo). Currently is Pedro’s Restaurant.
  • 67 Jay St. – Formerly a 3 story townhouse built in 1910. It is currently 3 floors with a Chinese antique furniture and home decor store, Jay East (jayeast.com) (owner: Guttman Vera)
  • 65 Jay st. – Formerly a 3 story townhouse, rebuilt into a 4 floor building. The current ground floor retail is From the Source, a crafted/reclaimed wood furniture store (fromthesource.us) and a photography studio in the floor(s) above (65jay.com). The owner is 65 Jayat Realty Corp.
  • 57 Jay St. – Now a 6 floor commercial building owned by Haim Joseph

On the back of the NY Public Library photo:
67-73 Jay Street, east side, north of Front Street; No 73 is at the corner of Front Street, Nov 1, 1927
P.L. Sperr

The now photo isn’t as interesting without the Belgian Block streets.

{New York Public Library photo of 67-73 Jay Street, 1927}
{Property Shark: 73 Jay St}
{Google Street View, corner of Jay and Front St.}
{Dumbo Then and Now, series, DumboNYC}

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