J Condo Residents Move In and Other J News

Lots of activity at Dumbo’s J Condo. Our friends there have passed on some updates from Hudson Company, the developer, to the owners:

  • There have been 85 closings through the 14th floor and closing letters have been sent through the 19th floor.
  • J Condo anticipates receiving a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for the remainder of the building (24th floor and above) by the end of the month.
  • They are averaging a floor per week in terms of scheduling punchlist walkthroughs and closings.
  • The parking garage is now open and parking spaces are $300 per month and $350 for SUVs (inclusive of taxes).
  • “The winning artists that residents voted for during the Project DUMBO event have installed their artwork in the building. “Horizontal Splash Pink” by Jenny Hankwitz is in the Lobby; “Honey, Leaves, Nectar” by Annette Rusin is the Media Room; and “Creatures in Rhumbaland” by Eleanora Kupencow is in the Children’s Play Room.”

Sounds like closings are moving quickly and new residents have moved in, as previously reported here. For the most part, the closings have gone smooth and new owners seem happy with the service.

A hot topic in the ‘J’ is that some units are being rented out to local businesses which isn’t sitting well with residents. Should they be allowed to use the common facilities, gym, etc? After all, they’re not paying for it. How have other buildings handled this?

Finally, the Chase Bank branch on Front Street is close to opening, as reported by brownstoner. However, Bridge Apothecary, the pharmacy on Jay Street doesn’t look close to being done. (Anyone know when that’s going to open?)

The joys of a new condo in NYC! J Condo’ers, welcome to Dumbo!

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