Now Filming: Synecdoche

Filming for the movie Synecdoche is taking place on Water Street in Dumbo Brooklyn and surrounding blocks. Facades, scaffolding, and sets have been set up. Actors include Boerum Hill resident Michelle Williams, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Catherine Keener, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. While I haven’t seen any of the actors, I’ve seen some of the sets on the block, but I don’t know enough about the film to make any comments. Anyone seen the actor(s)? I also noticed part of the below building on the set, on the corner of Bridge and Plymouth Street is painted. Is this related to the filming?

 Bridge and Plymouth Street, 6/24/2007 (Click to enlarge)

More filming occurring today between 5am – 11pm.

[n.b.: I remember learning about the word, Synecdoche in high school but don’t remember the meaning. I learn something new everyday :)]

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