Brooklyn Paper Headlines from the Past Week

For people who want to keep up with Dumbo news (and of course Brooklyn in general), The Brooklyn Paper is on top of stories and developments around the neighborhood. They’re based in Dumbo on 55 Washington Street, and have frequent and quality editorials on issues pertaining to the area.

Some Dumbo-related Brooklyn Paper headlines from today’s edition for your weekend reading:

  • What’s in a name?: “In the grand tradition of naming city streets after people no one has ever heard of, DUMBO’s own Main Street is slated to be co-named for former Department of Transportation assistant commissioner Dolores Barbieri…
    The street co-naming would be the first for DUMBO, a distinction that puts it on the map — in the sense that the neighborhood now has enough residents to attract the attention of politicians who want to honor ex-colleagues.”
  • Table stable: “For the past three years, Wonk’s DUMBO location has sold sleek-but-functional furniture to a discerning, black-turtlenecked crowd comprised mainly of architects and designers. The store has even garnered a bit of fanfare by producing custom pieces for renowned photographer Cindy Sherman.”
  • How to build a neighborhood: “If you’ve been wondering why BoConcept and West Elm (both high-end furniture stores) ended up side by side on Front Street in DUMBO — it was done on purpose.
    Seems that the good people at Two Trees Management — which controls most of the real estate down here — have decided to turn DUMBO into a sort of furniture district, akin to Gaphattan’s lighting or fashion districts.”

Some Dumbo-related Brooklyn Paper headlines from the March 17th edition:

  • Prices up, but not as much: “DUMBO continued to be the hottest condo market in 2006, with apartment prices growing 2 percent to a median of $998,000 each. But last year’s report showed a 27-percent increase.”
  • Mr. Bloomberg, tear down this wall!: “an East DUMBO and a West DUMBO, if you will — are slowly developing, complete with their “own set services: cleaners, cafes and even their own subway stations,” according to the DUMBO Improvement District.”
  • ‘Dine’ on the divine: Dine in Brooklyn article

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