Loopy Mango Featured in NY Times

Loopy Mango, the clothing and one of a kind collectible store in Dumbo Brooklyn was featured in today’s Thursday Styles section in the NY Times. The article starts with a description of Dumbo:

“DUMBO, the nickname for the neighborhood Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, sounds like an acronym made up by a developer. But there’s nothing prefab or Disney-esque about the place.

Rather, on a dreary January afternoon, Dumbo resembles the set of “Blade Runner,” or some futuristic movie in which humans and robots and aliens with tentacles coming out of their foreheads hang out playing chess or shooting one another with purple lasers in a seamy wharfside bar. Turn-of-the-century brownstones nestle at the flanks of high-rise apartment buildings. A train, subterranean in other parts of the city but high overhead here, crisscrosses a rickety-looking platform next to the thrumming automobile traffic on the bridge. It’s Jetsons meets Dickens, old and new playing out as urban theater.”

But the article highlights the uniqueness of Loopy Mango. Items at the store are a “study in contrasts… old and new, exotic and prim”. The store best represents Front Street retail with its creative owners’ selection of vintage items and modern designers. For those of you who have visited the store, the founders, Waejong Kim and Anna Pulvermakher are friendly and I have heard good things about their service.

{Crochet Undergoes an Upgrade, NYTimes, 1/25/07}
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