Dumbo's Beacon of Light

Curbed called J Condo “The Shining Star of Dumbo” for it’s reflective properties. But at night, the ‘beacon of lights’ are lit from 85 Adams Street, aka Beacon Tower, so we can identify Dumbo from afar. But I can’t help but wonder how incredibly annoying it would be for the residents-to-be on floors 18 to 23 A-lines, where the up-lights shine directly into the southern facing windows (living room and kitchen) or the B-lines’ western facing windows (master bedroom windows). If you look at the below night shot of Beacon Tower, you’ll notice the glow out these windows from the up-lights (the interior lights were off). Too bad the owner of unit 18A (with the terrace where the lights are located) won’t have a switch to turn them off. I’m all for up-lights but I don’t see the terrace beacon staying lit if the lights are so bright that it drives residents mad.

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