J Condo Painter Pasqualina Exhibit at Retreat

It’s clear that her paintings touched everyone who passed by the giant J Condo construction site. In an interview by Michael Surtees, Pasqualina Azzarello says that she:

“values making use of public spaces when making and sharing my art. Whether I am making a mural, creating a proactive public dialogue through performance, or selling my artistic wares on city streets, I appreciate the integration of object and place.”

The construction workers watched the paintings grow daily and “Having art around added some cheer,” said Jim Spence, a superintendent at the site. They had to be taken down to make way for the new sidewalk, and now exhibited at Retreat (147 Front Street) through January 31, 2007. 100 wooden panels will be for sale at the gallery between $100 and $1,000.

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