Where's the Dumbo Pharmacy?

[Update: Bridge Apothecary will be located on the retail level of J Condo. See more here.]

  Merz Apothecary, Chicago, IL (photo thanks to pjchmiel)

Pdhyman.com first mentioned that Two Trees was looking to bring a “high end apothecary” to the space in the 70 Washington building on the corner of Washington Street and Front Street. I was excited about this news, but my sources tell me that the deal for the drug store fell through last week. Two Trees Management’s requirement for a drug store is a unique non-chain pharmacy. Duane Reade or CVS is too large a chain.

A Kiehl’s or a Bigelow Chemists would be nice, but they don’t have a pharmacist in the store. I’ve heard of some cool pharmacists such as Church Apothecary in San Francisco (below photo), Johnson Drug in Waltham, MA, or Merz Apothecary in Chicago (above photo). Anyone know of any other drug stores or pharmacies to bring to the area? If you have any ideas, let them know.

By the way, I don’t work for Two Trees or any real estate related company. I’m a curious Dumbo resident and would like to see a pharmacist in the area so I don’t have to walk to Brooklyn Heights if I need to get some cold medicine or other drugs.

  Church Apothecary, San Francisco, SF (photo thanks to a_minor_thread

  Bigelow Chemists (photo thanks to pijus)

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