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Archive photo of broken car window (2010)

Archive photo of broken car window (2010)

Once upon a time, when Dumbo was pre-gentrified, by parking your car overnight on remote streets, car break-ins and window smashing was in front of mind. That was before Squarehead was caught. It’s been a while since we received reports about broken car windows, but we’ve received three emails in the past week. Three emails does not define a trend, but worth noting here. One resident says:

I’m hoping you can post something about this and get community feedback. yesterday i noticed a Audi on Water st with a broken window. Today, this afternoon, out walking and saw a Volvo on Little St and 3 cars on Gold btw John and Plymouth with broken windows. Called 311…transferred me to 911, who said they can’t do anything, back to 311…who then said to call the precinct. I just called the 84th and the operator said there is nothing for them to do, unless i’m the car owner. Seems odd that they would not want to check out the cars and perhaps notify the owners, or do some drive bys to see if the perp is still active. Basically, they said there is nothing they can do…I can’t believe that since if I saw people breaking into someone’s house, you mean they wouldn’t do anything?

Hoping we don’t have this daily rash of broken windows again now that spring is here. Looks like the police don’t care.

We’re not going to need a NYPD Sky Watch, but anyone else notice car break-ins?

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gotham-brokerage-apartment-insurance-coverage-expensive-belongingsMake your policy match your posessions | J via Flickr

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Rendering from empirestoresdumbo.com

Rendering from empirestoresdumbo.com

Detroit-based watchmaker Shinola will be opening a store in the Empire Stores in the Fulton Ferry Historic District, according to a Crain’s article.

Shinola will be leasing 5,000 square feet of retail space and will be its first in Brooklyn. They currently have a store on Franklin Street in TriBeCa. Crain’s says that like that location, the new one will feature a cafe operated by The Smile. Dumbo retailers Dabney Lee and Modern Anthology also offer Shinola products.

The Crain’s article notes that the lease is a 10 year deal and Shinola will “showcase other products that Shinola has expanded into, including high-end handmade bicycles and apparel such as leather goods and clothing.”

Mr. Beare said that most of Empire Store’s 75,000 square feet of retail space is now spoken for. He is in the process of finishing about 20,000 square feet of deals, including a yet-to-be-announced 9,500-square-foot food market and a 10,000-square-foot restaurant. He is also about to name the operator of a beer garden that will occupy a public space on the building’s roof. Only about 7,000 square feet of retail space remains available at the property. The food market will feel even bigger, Mr. Beare said, because it will connect into the restaurant space, The Smile cafe, Vinegar Hill House, as well as the building’s glass-roofed central lobby.

“We started with asking rents of $150 per square foot but have since bumped that to $200 per square foot because of the activity and interest,” Mr. Beare said. “The rates we’re getting are much higher than we expected.”

Mr. Beare said the food market will echo Eataly, the popular Italian culinary emporium on West 23rd Street. “It’s going to incorporate many food types and local vendors,” he said.

Last month, Eater noted that Vinegar Hill House and London based Pizza East have also leased space at Empire Stores.

Empire Stores is scheduled to be completed in early 2016.

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60 Water, in the heart of Dumbo, offers some of the best views in NYC from its studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments.

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If you’re up high enough, one of the best things about Dumbo is the view.

The panorama includes the East River, the Manhattan skyline, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, the Staten Island Ferry, and the Statue of Liberty. Apartments that look out on to this vista are the most sought-after in the neighborhood.

60 Water, a new rental building in the heart of Dumbo, offers views that are hard to beat.

Apartments in this 17-story glass tower feature floor-to-ceiling windows ideal for taking it all in. And the rooftop garden, designed by one of the landscape architects behind The High Line, offers a breathtaking proximity to the Brooklyn Bridge. (more…)