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Here, Shibui will bring you a continually updated stock of unique pieces, including a sophisticated assortment of ceramics (including oribe and shigaraki), textiles (including folk textiles, kimono, and obi), traditional Japanese arts implements (including sumi-e brush painting, ikebana flower arranging, and cha-do tea ceremony), and our specialty, authentic antique tansu.


In Japan, people think of beauty in levels—from blatant, brash, and bold to the ideal of beauty: Shibui. “Shibui” means the type of beauty that doesn’t need announcement; its quality speaks for itself. It involves the maturity, complexity, history, and patina that only time can bring—like a fine vintage wine. Shibui objects have a history which they convey. They speak of understated elegance, utility (each piece serves an important function), rare beauty, and unobtrusive sophistication. Shibui brings a deeper meaning to our lives, and we hope to share that richness with you.

Collectors and designers alike are drawn to Shibiu’s wide assortment of offerings for reasons as varied as our inventory: from wanting to enhance an environment and elevate the level of beauty in their lives to acquiring a secure financial investment.

Shibui means thorough quality, so we hold both our products and our service to the highest standards. At Shibui we believe in quality customer service. We are dedicated to understanding your needs, and will do our very best to satisfy them. We are also proud to offer you the assistance of our small, knowledgeable and friendly staff and expert restoration services.

Getting what you want from us is easy. When you see a piece you like, you can order it directly through this site, or call us (1.718.875.1119) for personal assistance. And we’ll help you protect your new investment with our unconditional guarantee of quality and authenticity.

After all, our promise is in our name. We invite you to see for yourself, and explore this beautiful world.