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Usagi NY

The new shop to showcase multidisciplinary culture


Today’s creation arises from a unique environment. It’s Cross­Disciplinary. Nomadic. Collaborative. Makes good use of technology. Traversing the border between culture and commerce. We provide creative products, experiences and ideas that we believe will enhance the quality of life.

Usagi NY by Sou Fujimoto

Designed by architect Sou Fujimoto, Usagi NY creates a harmonized atmosphere of wandering through art in the gallery, having a comfortable time with special drink at cafe and staying be inspired in the library. The multilayer space can endlessly change its appearance for each project or exhibition using 18 simple, floating, moveable panels, which gives more freedom to artists and creators to express themselves.


The Gallery was born as a venue to showcase multi­disciplinary culture, through exhibitions, performances and workshops. Our goal is to make innovative and stimulating art, design and technology more accessible to new audience. Usagi NY works with local talent, as well as bringing the ideas and works from all over the world to provide a place of discovery for everyone.


The Cafe features a special blend coffee from 95 RPM Coffee Roasters and tea menu selections from Ippodo, an authentic Japanese tea house from Kyoto. We provide a cafe for customers to relax in, separate from the exhibition, library, and lifestyle shop.


The Library functions as a space where customers can read and get creative ideas through rare visual books on design and art, from a selection from the former ZAKKA Corp book shop. The library experience is enhanced with our specialized in­house Book Concierge.