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Luke's Lobster is a sustainable, authentic Maine lobster restaurant, located in New York City. One of their locations is right near Brooklyn Bridge Park.


It doesn’t take a master chef to make a great lobster roll. It takes great lobster. Luke Holden knows where to get the best stuff around...

He buys traceable, sustainable seafood from fisheries along the gulf of Maine bringing the best quality seafood to Luke's Lobsters in New York, New Jersey, D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston.

When Luke moved to New York, he found lobster rolls drowning in mayo and diluted with celery for up to $30. He and his dad, Jeff, turned to their longstanding relationships with lobstermen to cut out the middle man and get that sweet lobster down to the city, where they could serve it the way it was meant to be: pure, in a griddled New England split-top bun, with no filler.

Each morning lobstermen haul traps from the open seas, and they're taken from the dock to Luke’s seafood company, where we steam them, pick them, and pack the meat in protective bags, then send them south to Luke’s Lobster. Each bag contains a quarter-pound of pure lobster meat from 5 or 6 unlucky lobster claws (yep, it takes that many lobsters for each roll!).

Throughout the trek from Maine to our lobster shacks, the lobster meat remains in pristine condition, having last touched Maine air. And since we track it the whole way, we know it's coming from Maine's sustainable fishery, not over-fished waters. The result is a deliciously fresh lobster roll that allows you to truly taste Maine at its best, with a clean conscience.