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Two Trees Management is a pioneering, Brooklyn based real estate development and management firm committed to innovation


Since its founding in 1968, Two Trees, a Brooklyn-based, family-owned real estate development firm, has owned, managed and developed a portfolio worth more than $4b in real estate. Today, Two Trees currently owns and manages more than 2,000 apartments, and an additional 3 million square feet of commercial and industrial real estate throughout New York City.

Two Trees believes that successful neighborhoods in New York City offer a wide variety of uses, and attract diverse groups of people. Furthermore, our corporate philosophy is founded upon the principle that the developers and property-owners must play a fundamental role in cultivating livable streetscapes.

Successful urban development is about mixed-use, responsible, long term growth.

Two Trees has a long track record of supporting creative and community-based tenants, integrating affordable housing into market-rate development and engaging in public-private partnerships to fund and construct neighborhood infrastructure and amenities such as schools, parks and cultural spaces. We feel that we have a civic responsibility to contribute to the prosperity of the neighborhoods where we develop and that ultimately, these endeavors add value to our assets.

As long-term property owners, we invest in community amenities that may not have immediate financial returns, but add to the vitality and sustainability of the neighborhood over time.