02/07/11 5:41pm

Dumbo Snow - 1/27/11

(Photo by Steve Talkowsk)

The following is the anticipated construction work schedule (7am – 3:30pm work hours), field conditions permitting for this week. Please note that parking may be restricted in work areas.

  • 1/4/11 through 2/11/11 – Old Fulton Street B/T Everit Street and Furman Street at Pier # 1, Finish the Roadway restoration and 6” air cock connection
  • 1/4/11 through 2/11/11 – Washington Street B/T Water Street and Front Street, Backfill the entire trench and place Temp. asphalt on the roadway
  • 1/4/11 through 2/11/11 – Washington Street B/T Water Street and Plymouth Street, Backfill over the 15” sewer and excavate for the sewer installation at Plymouth St.
  • 1/4/11 through 2/11/11 – Water Street B/T Washington Street and Adams Street, Continue Excavating and installing 36” Trunk Main and valve chambers

For more information, please refer to the Community Advisory Notice sent to us by The New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC) (PDF here), which is managing a capital construction project on Water Street from Adams Street to Old Fulton Street and Washington Street from York Street to Plymouth Street.

For More Information Contact: The Community Construction Liaison Paul Kidder 718-643-2850.

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08/30/10 11:09pm

Fulton Ferry Landing

The Fulton Ferry Landing Association (FFLA) noted on their blog that contractors have been clearing out 11, 13, and 15 Old Fulton Street to reduce the load on the structures, under the supervision of the DOB’s forensic engineering division, as we posted three weeks ago.

“we have been informed by Landmarks that the owner has retained a new engineer to revise the shoring and bracing plans. (Some of you may have seen him taking measurements at the buildings in the last week.) According to the LPC, it should take one to two weeks before the revised plans are submitted to the DOB and the LPC. Since progress on the stabilization plan continues, the DOB has approved extending the hold on demolition until September 8th.”

However, the FFLA still notes that it does not mean these historic structures are saved. They suggest that you send an email to the “Commissioner of Buildings, Robert LiMandri, the Borough Commissioner, Thomas Fariello, and cc our electeds.” (sample email).

(Thanks to Fulton Ferry Landing Association for the photo.)

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08/11/10 12:06am

Grimaldi's line Aug 6

While we are on the topic of the crumbling townhouses of Old Fulton Street yesterday, it appears that Grimaldi’s (19 Old Fulton Street) is also crumbling (so to speak) under back payments owed to the landlord. Apparently, the long lines at Grimaldi’s isn’t enough for restaurant owner Frank Ciolli to pay back rent of $44,000 to the landlord, Dorothy Waxman. So Ms. Waxman has served eviction papers. “The landlord will ask a state Supreme Court judge in Brooklyn to throw out her famous tenant”, according to the story in the Wall Street Journal. The article states that “Mr. Ciolli also has set aside money to pay August’s rent and $7,000 in attorney’s fees, and can pay the $38,000 for a security deposit, but Mrs. Waxman’s attorney has refused the money. “He’s trying to create a default,” Ciolli’s attorney Mr. Perrella said.”

Even if things end well this week for Mr. Ciolli, he’s lost his right to renew his lease, so the restaurant would likely leave the space next fall. Mr. Ciolli plans to open a pizzeria on Sixth Avenue and 20th Street in Manhattan.

The 1,100-square-foot storefront on Old Fulton Street is part of the city’s pizza lore, in part, because it houses one of the city’s few coal-fired ovens. Patsy Grimaldi, who learned the art from a renowned pie-making uncle, opened the restaurant in 1990, retiring in 1998 and selling the Grimaldi’s name to Mr. Ciolli. The restaurant is one of the city’s top-rated pizzerias in Zagat’s annual survey and has been featured on food shows and in pizza tours.

The city, too, is owed money: nearly $12,250 in property taxes and business improvement district charges, according to the Finance Department. Mr. Ciolli was responsible for paying taxes and city fees under the lease, courts papers say.

With the consistent lines and the recent $2 surcharge for the privilege of picking up pizza (a local’s “special”), why Grimaldi’s cannot pay rent and property taxes are a mystery to us.

[UPDATE: Gothamist reminded us that Grimaldi’s had account mistakes in the past. In July 2007, they were shut down for a few hours because they owed the state $150,000 in taxes.]

Grimaldi’s Pizza (grimaldis.com)
19 Old Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718.858.4300

08/10/10 9:42am

7, 9, 11, 13, and 15 OId Fulton Street

We’ve previously wrote about a full vacate order at 11, 13 and 15 Old Fulton Street townhouses. In addition, on 8/3, the NYC Department of Buildings served a full vacate notice on 9 Old Fulton Street, due to “major structural defects to exterior walls.” This makes the four buildings (9, 11, 13, 15 Old Fulton Street) at risk for demolition. A source close to the situation told us that 11-15 Old Fulton are going through the process of what is called “demolition by neglect”, which means that the City is trying to compel the owner of these buildings to maintain the property so that they do not deteriorate to the point where they will have to be demolished. Allowing buildings like this to deteriorate to that point is a tactic sometimes used by landlowners who deem it cost-ineffective to renovate the existing structure, and who would prefer to raze the building and start over.

Regarding 9 Old Fulton, the owners submitted an application for a “hand demolition of one story structure”. They are probably going through the approvals process in preparation to construct a new building on that site.

In the meantime, while waiting for the approvals process, the owner of 9 Old Fulton gave verbal permission to the restaurant next door (A&B Fulton Corp.) to use the lot as an outdoor garden with restaurant seating (pic here). This activity too, however, has been stopped by the DOB.

{NYC.gov BIS for 9 Old Fulton Street}
{NYC.gov BIS for 11 Old Fulton Street}
{NYC.gov BIS for 13 Old Fulton Street}
{NYC.gov BIS for 15 Old Fulton Street}

05/01/10 11:31pm

Five Boro Bike Tour 2010

5 Boro Bike Tour goes through Dumbo on Sunday 10a-2pm (5/2/2010). As in prior years, 30,000 cyclists will be coming through Dumbo for the 42 mile TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour.

On Sunday, the following streets near Dumbo Brooklyn will be closed intermittently to motorists from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM for the Five Boro Bike Tour:

  • Navy Street from North Elliot Street to Gold Street
  • Gold Street from York Street to Front Street
  • Front Street from Gold Street to Old Fulton Street (Cadman Plaza)
  • Old Fulton Street (Cadman Plaza) from Front Street to Furman Street
  • Furman Street from Old Fulton Street to Atlantic Avenue

If you are parked on any of the streets above, your car will likely be towed to clear the streets. For more information:
Bike New York

Please use caution along the route.

2010 Five Boro Bike Tour through Dumbo

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