September Is Time to Get Serious Again (About Apartment Insurance)

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In September, people get serious again. Beach blankets are packed away, gym memberships renewed, and healthy meals return to the kitchen table.

It’s also a good time to do an insurance coverage update, whether you’re renting or you own a co-op or condo. Here’s how:

1.Check your belongings 

The key is to figure out what you own and how much it’s worth — and how not to overpay.  Gotham Brokerage can help with that.

Take photo inventory of everything you own and store them in an e-mail account; having pictures is a good indication of ownership — just what insurance companies are looking for in the event of a claim.

2. Tell your friends

People always forget about renter’s, co-op, or condo insurance, unless an agent reminds them. Tell your friends who recently moved or are about to move to New York City about getting apartment insurance.

And this can be done in minutes. It’s not unusual at a co-op or condo closing for a buyer to call an insurance broker looking for a policy — and quick! Gotham can have proof of coverage emailed within the hour.

3. Think local

When looking for an insurance broker, most people rely on a hasty Google search and get stuck with a national company.

However, by being proactive you can choose more wisely — someone who knows about New York property values and labor costs (high), and crime rates (low).

And, familiar with navigating the City’s co-op boards and condo associations, Gotham hand-picks policies that work best for local homeowners too.

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